Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light

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​Mission statement:
We exist to radiate the Love of Jesus Christ, Son of The Most High God, to all people and preserve the spiritual practices of our ancestors.
We have an interest in keeping the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ, love for our neighbor as we love ourselves and love for The Father, Most High God, by enriching the lives of the people of the human race. We have a vision of accomplishing this by creating spiritual retreat centers that offer short and long term environments for those suffering from a number of ailments including depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and any other issue that we feel our church can provide relief to.
We plan to offer treatment both spiritual and physical through counseling, church ceremonies, peaceful living, meditation, yoga, etc. We are interested in creating programs in these retreats for veterans suffering from PTSD as well as any other emotional, spiritual, or physical needs. We plan to provide these services free of charge. We plan to use the medicine circle of our church to fund these plans.
We plan to grow organic fruits and vegetables on the retreat land to be used in the programs as well as generate supplemental income. We plan to incorporate renewable energy sources to work towards generating funds to give back to the community by helping pay utilities for those in need and generating job opportunities. Finally, we are interested and involved in supporting the civil rights and human rights of the people of Alabama as well as the entire U.S.A. and all of humanity